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February 14th


Where to Vote?

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About Me

I am a resident of North Branch where I have lived for 7 years and I’m a homeschool mom to my five children ages 8 to 17.

I work part-time but also enjoy serving in the community. I am an avid supporter of the Boy Scouts and have served on the North Branch Planning Commission.  I’ve also served as Vice President of Minnesota Excellence in Public Service Series, which provides leadership training to conservative women so they can fulfill leadership roles in their careers, communities and government. I have engaged in political advocacy at every level from walking in parades to organizing campaigns.


Issues important to me:

Pro-Life Advocate

As a mother, I know that life begins at conception. Of course, the issue of life isn’t just about the unborn. It’s about end of life issues too. Click to learn more.

Educational Choice

As a homeschool mom, I have experienced firsthand the benefits educational choice provides families. Click here to learn more.

Health Care Reform

People certainly need access to affordable healthcare, but bringing Obamacare to Minnesota was the wrong decision. Click here to learn more.

Tax Relief

We need a representative who will vote against higher taxes and pay raises for politicians. Click here to learn more.

Second Amendment

Over the years, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort by Democrats to take away our right to protect ourselves. Click here to learn more.

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