Real Health Care Reform: People certainly need access to affordable healthcare, but bringing Obamacare to Minnesota was the wrong decision. MNsure has only increasedcosts and created fewer options for Minnesota families – exactly the opposite of what we were promised! We need to repeal MNsure so it doesn’t continue to waste taxpayers’ money while harming Minnesota families.
Pro-life Advocate:  As a mother, I know that life begins at conception. I’ll fight toe-to-toe against the pro-abortion crowd in St. Paul to fight for those who do not have a voice. Of course, the issue of life isn’t only about the unborn. It’s also about end-of-life issues. As many of you know, my husband recently passed away after battling ALS for several years. Across the country, we’re seeing a disturbing movement toward physician-assisted suicide. I will bring a unique voice to defend our principles on the right to life in St. Paul.
Tax Relief: We need a representative who will vote against higher taxes and against pay raises for politicians. Like you, I see my tax bill increasing every year, and, like you, I have had enough! I will work for Minnesota families to pay less and get more out of their tax bill.
Educational Choice: As a homeschool mom, I have experienced firsthand the benefits educational choice provides families.  As your legislator, you have my word: I will fight every day for educational choice.
Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights: Over the years, we’ve seen an unprecedented effort by Democrats to take away our right to protect ourselves and our families. Given the dangers in our world, you can count on me to protect our Second Amendment rights and oppose gun control measures!