Show your message of support for Anne:

I’m always so happy when a trusted friend who I know has incredible integrity decides to run for public office, it restores my faith in humanity. I totally support Anne after these years of knowing her and seeing the goodness she shows in her life and the care and concern she shows toward others. We need more people like her to be the voice for those of us who are not represented enough on the Capitol.

Heather Cox

Business Owner—Manufacturing, North Branch

This woman is the embodiment of what we need in all levels of government..a leader of intelligence, passion, ethics and honesty..someone who inspires those around her to be better human beings just by example. Sending her to St. Paul may just plant a seed in the very heart of our State, that cries out for honest legislators to end the decades long corruption. We need to return to government by the people who work to make this area wonderful, not those who live wonderfully off the state.. what a breath of fresh air this could be!

Vicky Frieberg

Business Owner, Rush Point

Anne is the perfect candidate.  She has all the things missing in politics today: Honesty, integrity, perseverance and great listening. She values family, education and our community. I cannot think of anyone better than her for this position. She has my support 100%!

Joyce Mix

Wyoming, MN

Anne Neu is an excellent candidate. She is honest, hard-working and has more integrity than other politicians. I believe she would do an exceptional job in office. I am glad to see someone with good morals running for office and she has my full support.

Laura Michels

Subsitute Teacher, North Branch

Anne Neu is the one and only, absolute best choice for State Representative!  She is mentally sound, kind and intelligent. She is aware of our needs as a district and will fight hard for us.

Kitty Schupp

Chisago City

A unique opportunity is being provided to residents of Minnesota. Anne Neu has decided to run for a seat in the House of Representatives. I’ve known Anne a long time and she is well versed on the issues facing legislators today. She will be a strong voice with impeccable values of trust, compassion, and integrity. An endorsement for her will ensure the people of Minnesota will have a dedicated and experienced worker at the Capital on their behalf.

Fran Bator

You are amazing, Anne!  You will be a dynamic and thoughtful state Representative.  I can’t wait to see you in action.

Margaret Martin

I have known Anne Neu since 2010 and have worked with her and under her guidance on two campaigns.  I have encouraged her to  put her knowledge and skills into her own pursuit for public office. My only regret is that  I do not live in her District.  She will be an excellent representative of and for her constituents.

Marcia Lang